François KILLIAN • Transcriptions

The “12 Etudes de Variétés” and the Variations on “My Way” done by François Killian come from a long musical tradition that has been almost completely abandoned: the paraphrase. At that sort of musical recreation is attached the name of Franz Liszt. It is with his unrivalled art of improvisation on a given theme that he captivated his audience.

150 years later, melodies and actual standarts have some how changed the popularity of the old repertoire, particulary the one of the comic opera. The success is today easier to find in other styles of music such as popular music, film music, musicals, songs… The contribution of years by authors-composers such as Michel Jarre, Jacques Revaux ,Michel Berger and by singers such as Brel, Barbara or the Beatles and so many others composers make an unlimited collection for arrangements and transcriptions.

The arrangements of 13 titles selected for this album will certainly surprise many people by their neoclassical aspect and their structured form. Opposite to the simplification for amateurs, without indulgence in the musical writing and with a difficult approach, these versions are characterized by their written counterpoints, difference in tone, added modulations and virtuoso variations. The title”Etudes” is demonstrated by the varied musical langauge, which is sometimes enriched by differend harmonisation, now and again with a touch of blues, several changes of tempo to create new atmospheres, in which sometimes melody and tradional succession of song and refrain disappear. Two pieces are re-written respectively for the right hand then for the lef one alone. Classical musicians will be able to find references to famous composers.

Even if the barely suppressed irony is appropriate, does this hide a sincere piano homage to their authors ?

  1. The Girl From Ipanema – Carlos Jobim
  2. Sang pour sang – Johnny Hallyday
  3. Un jour viendra – Johnny Hallyday
  4. Au bois de Saint-Amand – Barbara
  5. La Javanaise – Serge Gainsbourg
  6. Ainsi va la vie – Michel Fugain
  7. Tout va changer – Michel Fugain
  8. Fatiguée d’attendre – Patricia Kaas
  9. Mein kleiner grüner Kaktus – The Comedian Harmonists
  10. Yesterday – The Beatles
  11. Love Me Tender – Elvis Presley
  12. Are You Lonesome Tonight ? – Elvis Presley
  13. Variations sur My Way – Frank Sinatra

New album in preparation

” From Salon to Saloon ” Transcriptions and arrangements of the Marlene Dietrich, Piaf, Marilyn Monroe repertoire

Transcriptions of classical music :

Felix Mendelssohn : 4 Lieder ohne Worte (Label CRYSTON Japan 2016)

The Girl From Ipanema